Why are some of my trips locked?

Some of your trips may be locked depending on how many waypoints are saved to the trip or how many trips you have saved to your profile. The level of membership you have determines which trips you can and cannot view. 

Note that if you were invited to collaborate on a trip, your ability to view and edit that trip depends on if the trip owner (the user who created the trip) has an active Pro or Premium membership.

Below is a breakdown of how many trips and waypoints are included with each membership level.

Membership Level # of Waypoints # of Trips
Premium 150 stops per trip Unlimited trips
Pro 50 stops per trip 5 trips
Basic 20 stops per trip 3 trips
Free 3 stops per trip 1 trip

If you want to view more trips than what you currently have access to, you'll need to upgrade your membership. If some trips are not accessible because of the number of trips saved to your profile, you can delete some trips to get below the trip threshold for your membership level.

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