On October 16th, 2023 Roadtrippers launched a new line up of memberships: Premium, Pro, and Basic. While our new Premium membership provides you access to everything Roadtrippers has to offer for creating and navigating an epic roadtrip in a car, EV, motorcycle, van, or RV, our Pro and Basic memberships provide a few less features. 

You can learn about all of the features each level of membership offers here

To help you with these upcoming account changes, we’ve put together a list of common questions that you may have.

I am a Roadtrippers Plus member. What happens to my membership?

You will have Premium level access to Roadtrippers until your first account renewal after 10/16/23, when our new membership tiers launched. Your account will renew at our Basic membership level, but you can upgrade that membership to Pro or Premium at anytime! 

If my membership is downgraded or lapses, will my trips be deleted?

Trips will not be deleted, they will stay saved to your account regardless of membership status. Only the ability to view or edit them will change pending your membership status.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

Yes! You can learn more about updating your membership in our guide here.

When were new membership options launched?

Our new membership options were launched on October 16, 2023.

Can Trip Collaborators still view and edit my trips?

Trip Collaboration is a Premium member feature. As long as the trip owner (the user who created the trip) has an active Premium membership and can view/edit the trip, then collaborators can continue to view and edit trips. Collaborators do need a Roadtrippers account. 

How can I purchase a new Roadtrippers membership?

You can start your Roadtrippers membership here. If you have not used a free trial previously, the membership will start with a 1-week free trial of Roadtrippers Premium. After the trial period you will be billed for the membership you chose before starting your trial.

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