Adding Places to Trips, Saved Places



Places from categories can be added to your Trip or Saved Places. Click on a place's waypoint, and an Add to Trip button and Saved Place heart will be on the place's info box. Click the waypoint again, and you'll see an Add to Trip and the Saved Place heart on the place page. Places added to a trip can also be removed via their info box, by clicking "remove".


 Adding from info box.

Once the waypoint opens, the Place Page will appear. Simply click the Saved Place heart to save this place or the Add to Trip button!


Adding from place page.

All of your Saved Places can be found on top left of the map, near the Discovery bar.



If you can't find a place in our categories, you can enter it in manually using its name or address. If you're starting a new trip, type the name or address into the 'Where Are You Going' field. If a trip has already been created, scroll to the bottom of the Trip Planner and click the + to open the Add a Place field, pictured below. 


As you type in the name or address of the place you'd like to visit, a drop down will appear suggesting places based on what you're typing. 


Virtually any address can be added to a trip this way. Cities and general areas (national parks, recreational areas, etc.) can also be added to a trip by typing in the name. This method will only add places to your trip and NOT to our categories.



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    I think that there should be an option to add images to places added manually. While planning my trip I realized that many of the places that I'd like to visit are not in the base of places so I need to add it manually. And when the trip is long and with many pins, it's easier to manage it when you have a photo of each place so you can see the preview of what is in that place instead of checking the adress in google each time.

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    Eric Powell

    It is impossible to add most places in Iceland because RoadTrippers uses Mapquest and Mapquest doesn't find most places and addresses in Iceland.
    You can located a named place in Google Maps, and then you have no way to add it to Roadtrippers because Roadtrippers doesn't find that place. For example: Stakkholtsgja canyon, Iceland which is easily found with pictures in Google Maps, but you CANNOT add it to Roadtrippers as a destination. Unfortunately this is the case with most places in Iceland.

    It seems that the last time I used Roadtrippers, it was using Google Maps and it was easy to use, but maybe this is just my imagination.

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    Totally useless in most Asia.

  • Avatar
    Juhaisham Junoh

    This is not applicable in Malaysia, Thailand. Please help to update the location. If posible not to use mapquest. better use google maps

  • Avatar
    Katie Newton

    And what if nothing comes up with the address or anything? There are multiple physical places in the area where I’m searching, and absolutely nothing will bring up anything, and I can’t drop a pin or anything, so I can’t create this trip with you. I’m extremely frustrated. And this is the first time this is happened to me.

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    Jim Hamby

    I have multiple trips created in the past year, but now they have disappeared. Apparently they are stored under another email account, but now I can't access that email even for creating a new password. Is there any way that those trips can be moved or copied to the account?

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