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Sharing a trip can be done in two ways. By clicking the Share button on the top of the map, or simply taking the trip's URL and sharing it anywhere you'd like for others to view your trip. 


By clicking the Share Trip button, a few sharing options such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or email will appear. 


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    Dave Abelson

    How do I find the URL when using the IOS app

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    Hey Dave, the ability to find a trip URL via our iOS app is not currently available since trips cannot be shared from the app. If you would like to share your trip, please log on using the same account you signed in with on the app, and share your trip from there. There is a Share Trip button in the Plan Trip menu, or, after loading the trip, you may simply copy and paste the URL anywhere for others to click on and load your trip!

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    So, I wanna make sure I have this straight-- Trip Sharing is only available through the website, not via the mobile app, and if User B edits the map, it basically becomes a new map entirely, with a new link, and the old map, originally sent, is still active and unchanged? Is that correct? If that is in fact the case, does that mean that any changes made by User B will not change the map on User A's mobile app?

    A friend and I are roadtripping Seattle-NY this summer, and this app has become a godsend for me. However, I was hoping to be able to share our map with said friend so that she could make changes/add/edit places as she sees fit-- currently, that is not possible via the app, correct?

    I hope I'm making some semblance of sense here. ;]

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    Hi Courtness, that is correct! However, we are currently working on collaboration features that will make this a much easier process very soon, so stay tuned :)

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    I hope I'm not just blind or overlooking the obvious but I recall in the past, I could search for existing road trips (created by other users or staff). It really helped me get ideas for trips. I don't seem to be able to find where to search for that now.

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    John S Martinson

    If I share my trip, can the persona I share it with change my route?

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    Tim O'Brien

    Can you download a GPX file in order to upload it to the Harley Davidson "Boom" Entertainment System so that I can view it on the bikes NAv system while riding or do I have to strictly use the Roadtrippers App & whatever map I'm using on my cellphone for navigation?

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