Map & List View


Whether exploring places or viewing a saved trip, the map makes it very easy to quickly see the location of places. The map can be panned and zoomed, just like on the web app.

Places will appear on the map as either a waypoint or a dot. The waypoints represent the top-rated places, while the dots are the rest. As you pan and zoom around the map, more places will appear. Trips will always appear on the map with all waypoints. 

Tap the waypoint again to open its place page. Once you've opened the page, you can scroll to the Navigate button to send your mapped trip straight to your navigation app.

For a concise, scrollable look at all the places on the map or on your trip, tap to List View. This is the multi-colored square on the bottom right. List View is most useful when only a couple categories are turned on and you are zoomed in on a particular city or region. Rather than panning around the map and tapping each waypoint to see what place it is, List View lets you see the name, picture, rating, and category for every loaded place on the part of the map you are viewing. The distance from your last known current location to the place is also displayed on the right.

List view boxes can be tapped to open its place page. 

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