Our place pages have undergone a complete redesign to give you easier access to the information you need! This page lets you add the place to your trip by tapping the FAB button or save it to your Saved Places. Place pages are the meat and potatoes of the Roadtrippers experience. Lets dig into what the place pages have to offer...


The Details tab features a little bit of everything such as the Start Trip and Navigation buttons, place description, hours, contact info, website, and an option to rate and review the place. 



Reviews on Roadtrippers are entirely user generated. This tab is designed to let users leave tips and reviews so you can get an inside perspective on a place by people that have already been there. 

Leaving a review or rating is easy as tapping the Review tab and leaving a review/rating. Other users (on our Web app) will vote up and down the reviews until one is crowned 'Top Review'. 



The Photos tab is home to user uploaded photos. Here you can browse other user's uploaded images as well as upload your own.



Nearby Trips

The Nearby Trips tab features some of our pre-made Trip Guides. These are nifty little trips that fit right in your phone to help inspire you to hit the road for that weekend adventure you've been meaning to take.


Nearby Hotels

Looking for a nearby hotel next to your favorite attraction? Tapping to the Nearby Hotels tab makes it easy to explore or book nearby hotels next to your favorite spots! Tapping the green car-button adds these hotels to your trip or starts a brand new trip if no trip is opened on the map. 



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