Each place on Roadtrippers Mobile Web will have a place page like this one that gives you detailed info about a place including hours, parking, wifi availability, and more. This page also lets you add it to your collection, share it with friends, add a photo, and a been here button. Place pages are the meat and potatoes of the Roadtrippers experience.

Let's dig into what the place pages have to offer...

When you first open a place page you'll be greeted along the top by the name, rating, share button, image gallery, and category. Also, you'll see buttons to add the place to a collection, add a photo, leave a review, and a been here button.

MobileWebPOI.png     MobileWebPOI-2.png   


The Place Page also includes attributes about the place, giving you a better idea or parking restrooms, amenities, etc. 

Click on See More Details to see additional attributes about the place.

image1-2.png     image0.png

 If you find that there is a problem with any of the information on the page, just click the Let us know link to report the problem! 


Reviews and ratings on Roadtrippers are entirely user-generated. This section is designed to let users leave tips and reviews so you can get an inside perspective on a place by people that have already been there. 


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