Places Pages

Each place on Roadtrippers Mobile Web will have a place page like this one that gives you detailed info about a place including hours, parking, wifi availability, and more. This page also lets you add it to your collection, share it with friends, add a photo, and a been here button. Place pages are the meat and potatoes of the Roadtrippers experience.

Lets dig into what the place pages have to offer...

When you first open a place page you'll be greeted along the top by the name, rating, share button, image gallery and category. Also you'll see buttons to add the place to a collection, add a photo, leave a review, and a been here button.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings on Roadtrippers are entirely user generated. This section is designed to let users leave tips and reviews so you can get an inside perspective on a place by people that have already been there. 



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