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The Roadtrippers app lets you take the Roadtrippers experience with you on the road. Let us ride shot gun and be your road trip companion as you head out onto the open road. Before you set off let's take a look at all the things the Roadtrippers app can do.

After logging in the first thing you see is our concierge page that allows to you simply create a trip. It even knows the current time of day, weather, and your current location to suggest categories for you to discover!

For example, if it's the morning it might suggest places to get breakfast, or some coffee, even places to take a walk! From here you can choose to find these places around you or along a route. Selecting around you will find you places nearby. Selecting along a route will open up a new trip with your current location as the starting point.

Tap Start New Trip or scroll below our Featured Trips Guides page. This features some of our best and most adventurous road trips.


To select new categories tap the Search & Explore on the top of the screen and select and explore as many categories as you like.

Find your created trips, Reviewed and Saved Places and User Settings in the Profile tab on the bottom right.


Now that you know the basics let's learn how to plan a trip! 

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    Allan Shalless

    When using the web based application it kept putting me at Newcastle when I am physically not there.

    Currently with the Android app I have to put the next days date for the actual date needed. I am in NSW Australia.


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    I have used and recommended Roadtrippers for years and now being told i must upgrade after only 20+ waypoints!

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