Can I edit my route to avoid highways?

You can do this by using our Avoid Highway button to easily adjust your route and see the back roads of your adventure! Keep reading below to learn more about this feature.

Note: This will only avoid highways from one waypoint to another, not your entire trip. To Avoid Highways along your entire trip, you must click the button for each waypoint of the trip. We will do our best to find a route avoiding a highway, but there may be rare cases where a destination cannot be reached without using a highway.


  1. Load your trip on the map.
  2. Look at the trip stops in the Trip Planner and click the grey highway sign icon between waypoints.
  3. Your route will automatically update between those waypoints and you'll notice the highway sign icon has a line through it to indicate highways are being avoided. 


Mobile App

  1. Go to the Profile section and select your trip.
  2. Tap the waypoint you want to avoid highways for.
  3. Tap the corresponding Avoid Highways button.
  4. Your route will automatically update between those waypoints.


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