Adding Places to a Trip


Places can be added to a trip in a few different ways: from the map, Place page or from the Trip Planner.


Adding places from the map is as easy as turning on a category and adding from the List View.

Below is an example of categories being turned on with a trip opened.


Simply open the List View and tap the green mini car-button to add a place to your trip.



Note: Opening categories on a route automatically sets a radius of five miles. This limits where places load when exploring our categories while planning a trip. The route shade is an area around your trip that can be expanded or contracted with the Map Controls. The Map Controls indicates how far off your route you are willing to go to visit places. The Map Controls can be found within the Trip Settings.

From a Place Page

Places that appear can be opened and added to your trip by tapping the Add to Trip button.


After tapping Add to Trip, the route will update with the new place, and it is automatically added in the Trip Planner.

From the Trip Planner

Places can be manually added by simply typing in their address or name in the + Add Place button above the waypoint fields. Select it from the drop down to quickly add it to your trip.


Remove a waypoint by taping on the place you want deleted to reveal a delete button.


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