Roadtrippers - Getting Started


The homepage is a handy way to quickly plan a trip or explore a specific area on the map. This simple search allows you to immediately get started by planning a trip or entering where you want to go so that you can explore places on the map! 

If you're already logged into your account, you can get to your profile page and see your planned trips by clicking the profile icon in the upper right. If you aren't logged in, simply click Log In or Get Started if you need to sign up for an account!

Ready to start planning?

  1. When you're planning a new trip, begin with a starting and ending point.
  2. Enter your start and end points in the boxes shown below. You'll be presented with 2 planning options when you make a new trip:

    • Select Plan it for me if you want to use our AI-powered trip planning tool, Roadtrippers Autopilot™. This feature is only available to Premium members, and you can start a free trial if you want to give it a try. Learn more about Autopilot here.
    • If you aren't interested in a Premium membership or if you'd prefer to plan the trip yourself with suggestions from the map, select I want to plan it myself instead. 
  3. After creating your trip with Autopilot or the manual planner, you will see your route open on the map.

Want to just look around?

  1. Switch to "Explore Destination" on the homepage to search for and view specific areas on the map.
  2. Enter where you want to go then click the Go button. 
  3. As soon as click Go, you will see the map open to the place you searched for.
  4. You can zoom in and move the map around, and choose from categories in the upper left to see points of interest in the area you're looking at on the map.

Personalizing your trip further

Whether you use Autopilot or the Plan it myself option, you'll be able to add and delete waypoints from your trip. 

The stops you add can be anything from cities, national parks, friends' houses, or other destinations. To add a waypoint you know the name of you should click the 'plus' (+) sign in the trip planner. You can use this tool to search for places on our map by name (i.e. Grand Canyon) or enter the address for the place in that search bar (great for adding a friend's house or other point of interest not on our map). You can also drop a pin on the map if you're not getting the result you're looking to add. ​​

Turn on categories at the top left of the map to find places near your route that you might have otherwise missed. On the app, you'll find categories by tapping the search bar. You can use categories to look for things like parks, campgrounds, off-beat attractions, etc. You can find instructions and screenshots for using categories at the following link: Discover Places

As you're adding stops to your trip, our trip planner will plan the order of stops and the route based on what is most efficient. You can customize both the order of your stops and your route if you decide you want to use a different road or do the stops in another order, so don't worry about the order that you enter your stops in! Here is more information on reordering stops: Rearrange or Remove Waypoints

For more tips & features, check out our Trip Planning guides!

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