Using the Welcome Page


The Welcome Page is a handy feature allowing you to quickly create a trip or view places on the map. This simple search allows you to immediately get started by planning a trip or entering where you want to go and explore places on the map! (Psst! You can also scroll down for awesome travel stories & guides)

Get started by simply entering your starting and ending location. Next, choose one of the four categories (Note: more categories are inside the map). Roadtrippers also allows you to enter the exact dates of your route!


As soon as you click Go, you will see your route open on the map with the category you have chosen. 


The Welcome Page also allows you to easily explore the map by adding where you want to go and choosing one of the seven categories (Note: more categories are inside the map)


As soon as you enter the city, you will see the categories open on the map on the city you have chosen.


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