How can I preview & launch GPS directions for my trip?

This article focuses on how to preview and launch GPS navigation while using the Roadtrippers app. 

As a Roadtrippers Basic, Pro, or Premium member you can also preview step by step directions and a map of your entire trip on our website. Then, if you're a web user you can print those directions! Learn more here: Preview & Print Directions

The Roadtrippers app provides a navigation preview and live GPS navigation from one waypoint to another using either Roadtrippers navigation or your preferred navigation app. Roadtrippers Pro and Premium members have access to previewing and live navigation between places. 

Routing Options

Pro and Premium members can apply Routing Options (avoidances like dirt roads and highways) to their when planning or navigating a trip.

Premium members can also apply RV Safe Routing Options when planning or navigating your trip.

See our Guide to Routing Options and RV Friendly Navigation to learn more!

Click a tab below to learn more about viewing directions and navigating using either the iOS or Android app. 

iOS App Android App

If you're a Pro or Premium member, the Roadtrippers app allows you to use our in-app navigation or a navigation app already installed on your mobile device like Google Maps or Waze. Roadtrippers does not provide continuous navigation for your full trip, but you can navigate from waypoint to waypoint. If you'd like to see us introduce a solution for full trip continuous navigation let us know!

  1. With a trip loaded on the map, open the Trip Planner by tapping the green trip name layer above the Map and Trip Guide tabs.
  2. Tap the waypoint you are traveling to and tap Navigate from the list of options that
  3. After tapping Navigate you will be offered routing options. Apply any avoidances or RV safety preferences, then tap Select Route.
  4. You will see a preview of the most efficient route on the map, alternate routes, and can preview step-by-step directions.

  5. To start live navigation tap the tab of the route you prefer.
  6. Tap Go

  Route Variance

Keep in mind that if you choose to navigate with a separate app your route will completely depend on how that app provides directions. If you use our Roadtrippers in-app navigation rather than another navigation app, the directions should stay very close to your trip's route. 

Quick Tip

You can also start navigation to a place by opening the place's page and tapping the Navigate button.

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