Sometimes, certain browsers or computers fail to load the Roadtrippers map:

The problem sometimes results from some browsers or hardware not supporting something called WebGL”, which is what we use to create our map. If you are up to the challenge of getting technical, you can test your browser using or
Another issue may be software or browser extensions you have installed on your device. A common culprit is BitDefender, although we have seen other ad blockers or security programs block maps too. If you are experiencing a blank map and are using a security program, pop-up blocker, or ad blocker, please turn those off. Then, restart your browser and reopen Roadtrippers. Alternately, you can try opening Roadtrippers in an incognito or private browsing window.
Sometimes, you can get around this issue by simply switching to a different browser. For example, if you're using Firefox, try another browser such as Chrome or Safari.
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