Finding campgrounds, RV parks, and dispersed camping on Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers lets you find a great place to camp along a planned route or in a general area without planning a trip! You can use our Places to Camp category on the desktop site to do some planning in advance or in the mobile app to find spots while on the road.

Scroll through this article to learn more about using our Places to Camp category and the filters within to great places to park your RV or pitch a tent!, Or click a title in the list below to jump to a section:

Find Camping on the Map

On the Website

You can open the Roadtrippers map to search for a place to camp where you want to be! 


If you're starting from the Roadtrippers homepage on web, toggle to the Explore Destinations tab and enter a city of destination. Tap GO and you'll be taken to that area on our map.Apple the Places to Camp category and RV parks, campgrounds, and dispersed camping locations will appear on the map in the form of pins or small circles.

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On the Mobile App

If you're using the Roadtrippers app, tap the Map tab at the bottom of the screen:

Once on the map, tap in the search bar then select 'Places to Camp' from the drop down options:

  • The camping locations shown are determined by the part of the map you're viewing and the place's rating.
  • There is a limit to how many places will appear on the map at once - so the more you zoom in, the more places you will see in a given area.


Find Camping Along Your Route

If you've planned a trip with Roadtrippers, you can find camping along that trip's route and you can use our route shade feature to choose how far off that route you want to look for camping options!

If you want to learn more about starting trip on Roadtrippers, see our guides:

Once you've added a few waypoints to your trip, you can search for camping along that route. With your trip on the map, apply the Places to Camp category:

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If you're using the Roadtrippers app, you'll want to tap in the search bar then select 'Places to Camp' from the drop down options:

When searching along your route, you may notice what we call the "route shade" while viewing your trip on the map. This setting indicates how far off your route you are willing to go to visit places and limits where places load when exploring our categories, like camping, while planning a trip. We have a guide to setting or adjusting your search radius in our guide here. 


Filtering For Specific Types of Camping

You can filter campground results further by choosing 'filters' from below the categories section:

You can filter things like property type, price, amenities, rating, max reported RV length, and discount clubs. Premium members can also filter by reported cellular service and elevation!

Looking for free and/or dispersed camping?

If you're looking free camping and dispersed options make sure the Places to Camp category is applied, then select 'filters.' Locate the Price slider and slide it all the way to the left to filter to Free. If you only want to see dispersed style free camping, be sure to also apply your preferred property types (BLM, National Forest, etc).

With your preferences applied, tap VIEW __ PLACES. If there are no places to view, don't fret too much! You can still tap NO PLACES FOUND then pan over the map and places will appear based on your filter selections! 

Premium Filtering

If you're a Roadtrippers Premium member you can also filter by elevation and reported cellular service when the Places to Camp category is applied! When you filter by reported cellular service we'll only show you campgrounds where other campers have reported service on the carrier of your choice.

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