Using In-App Navigation


Route Overview

Starting In-App Navigation will first display your Route Overview. Users can customize their routing experience by swiping up on the navigation drawer.

cat2.png     Screenshot_2019-08-14-15-48-48.png



Swiping up on the navigation drawer and tapping Details will display each direction in a list view.

navopt4.png     navopt5.png

 Tap the back button to return to your Route Overview.

Avoid Highways

Swipe up on the navigation drawer and tap the Avoid Highway switch which will try to make your route avoid all highways.



After swiping up on the navigation drawer, you can also customize the appearance of your route, including the ability to select a Night Mode option to keep it easier on the eyes when traveling during the evening. 

Screenshot_2019-08-14-15-48-48-2.png     navopt3.png


Stopping and Starting Navigation

After starting navigation, you can swipe up on the navigation drawer, where you can see the option to always STOP and RESUME navigation anytime as you travel.








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