Starting In-App Navigation


Roadtrippers now features the ability to get turn-by-turn directions to any location, all from within the app! After opting into In-App Navigation, you can start navigation in many different ways.

Trip Planner

One way to start navigation is by tapping on a waypoint in your Trip Planner


Find your next location in your Trip Planner, and tap NAVIGATE.


After selecting NAVIGATE, you will then see your Route Overview to begin your route.


Select a location from the Categories to navigate to. Get started by tapping the search bar and choosing a category to add to the map. Next, turn on a category...

Then, once a location appears that you would like to navigate to, tap the card to view the location.


Next, you will see your Route Overview to start your route.

Navigate to a Dropped Pin

You can tap navigate after long-pressing on the map to drop a pin.

When your pin is successfully placed, you will then see the tab at the bottom detailing your chosen waypoint. 


If your pin looks correct, tap Navigate to begin your route. 


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