What's a Roadpass?

What's a Roadpass?

A Roadpass is a single login (email and password) that you can use across our partner RV and outdoor industry apps, including Roadtrippers and Togo RV. Think of it like an Apple ID or a Google account login, it's one account that you can use to sign into more than one place - fewer logins to try to remember!

You can use your Roadpass to log into the following services:

If you signed up for Roadtrippers on or after May 17, 2021 then your account was created using Roadpass. When you sign into Roadtrippers, make sure you select the "Continue with Roadpass" option to enter your email and password!

I am a Roadtrippers user. Why do I need a Roadpass?

Roadtrippers users will soon be required to use Roadpass to log in to their accounts. It'll only take a minute to create your free Roadpass and current Roadtrippers users will keep all of their trips and saved places after creating and connecting Roadpass. Sign into Roadtrippers, open your User Settings, and click the Connect button to connect your Roadtrippers account to Roadpass.

Is my information shared across other apps that I haven't signed up for?

Never! Rest assured that while we do make it easy for you to sign-up or sign-in across our partner apps that allow a Roadpass login, we don't share your information with any partner app that you haven't explicitly signed up for.

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