How can I preview and print my trip before I hit the road?

Heading out on the open road and want to preview and print your trip? If you're using the Roadtrippers website, a printable map and directions can be found within the Trip Guide following the directions below! 

Note that a Roadtrippers membership is required to print the trip guide.

  1. First, load your trip on the map and click the View Guide button at the top of the trip planner. If you don't see 'View Guide' right away, use the arrows to scroll and find it. 
  2. After loading the Trip Guide, hover your cursor over the 3 vertical dots on the right side and click Directions to view a printable list of step-by-step directions for your trip.
  3. The Trip Guide without directions can also be printed by clicking the print icon at the top of the guide. This includes a list of the waypoints on your trip.
  4. You can print either of these using your browser's print button or the print command on your computer.

To see a video demo of how to print directions, tap play below:

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