What should I do if I have 2 accounts?

We cannot merge two accounts together, but we can move Roadtrippers subscriptions and Roadpass account connections. After reviewing your accounts, we'll let you know what we found and suggest some next steps. If you already know the details of your two accounts and what you want to do, let us know that in your message and we'll get to work.

A few signs you might have more than one account are:
  • You paid for a subscription but are still limited to 3 waypoints on your trips
  • You see different trips in your account on the website and in the mobile app.
  • When signing in you get a message that your Roadpass is connected to another account.

If you think you might have multiple Roadtrippers accounts, please get in touch with us at support@roadtrippers.com. So that we can find and review your accounts as fast as possible, please include the information listed below in your message!

  1. Let us know any other email addresses you might have signed up with so that we can check for other accounts.
  2. If you paid for Roadtrippers membership on our website, let us know the card type used, last 4 digits on the card, and the expiration date so that we can locate your subscription. (Note that we cannot search for in-app purchases this way)
  3. If you have an Apple device and may have signed in using Apple ID, it's possible their "hide my email" feature was used and an account was created with an email alias rather than your email address. Follow the steps below to check if you use Apple ID to sign into Roadtrippers:
     - Open the Settings app on your phone, then tap your name.
     - Tap Password & Security > Apps Using Your Apple ID.
     - You'll see a list of apps you've signed into with Apple ID. If Roadtrippers is listed, tap that in the list to see the email address our app received.
     - Send that email alias to us when you reach out so that we can find your account.
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