Remove & Rearrange Waypoints



Delete a waypoint from a trip by hovering over the waypoint you want deleted and selecting the Remove button.

This can be done with all waypoints, whether they are places added to trips, typed in locations, or via waypoints that have been dropped after dragging a route.

Waypoints can also be removed from the map in its info box. Click the waypoint, then simply hover your cursor over the "Add to trip" button to see where you can click to remove it.


Waypoints can be easily rearranged within the Trip Planner by clicking and dragging. Hover your cursor over the waypoint pin, then click and begin dragging to rearrange.

Drag it in the order you want it to be and release. The trip stats, itinerary, and route on the map will automatically update.




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    Audra Lind

    I keep trying to delete waypoints from my map, have tried all the methods posted on this page and yet they keep reappearing. I get an error message that the route is not drivable. I've tried deleting the points around the waypoints in question and still have problems. After I delete, the automatically re-add. I have noticed many problems around the Yellowstone area in particular, and this is where those points are located. Please advise!

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    Audra Lind

    ps have worked in both Chrome and Firefox on an HP Envy, as well as an Apple iPad tablet. points are automatically re-adding on each of them!

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