Adding Details to Waypoints

You can add extra details to waypoints in your trip so that additional info, such as budget estimates or reservation numbers, is easily accessible later on.

Keep reading below for a breakdown of all the fields and how to update them.


Field Description
Arrival Date

Use this field to indicate when you'll be arriving at a waypoint. You can learn more about using dates in your trip here: Add Dates to Your Trip

Note that it's not possible for just one or a few waypoints to have dates, the entire trip will either have dates or be dateless.

The dates in our trip planner are currently built to reflect when you arrive, not necessarily the duration of time you’ll be at a place.


Add ticket prices, attraction costs, campground fees, and more to your waypoints for a better understanding of your entire budget.

Our fuel cost estimate will combine with your waypoint budgets for a total Trip Cost estimate listed next to the piggy bank icon in the trip stats bar.

Custom Name

Rename addresses along your route so you can easily identify every stop you add to your itinerary.

This is great to use if you've added a street address that you want to remember is a friend's house.

Exclude from route

Check this box if you want a waypoint to be an unrouted waypoint. You can learn more about unrouted waypoints here: Create An Unrouted Trip

Unrouted waypoints are helpful to keep track of places you'd like to visit but don't want to add to your driving route.

Reservation Number Include hotel and campground reservation information on your itinerary so you have all of your trip’s details in one place.
Private Notes Use this field to keep track of notes that you don't want your trip collaborators to see.
Collaborator Notes

Use this field to add notes that you want your trip collaborators to have access to.

Trip collaborators will be able to view, add, and edit notes in this field.

These notes will not be visible to people that just view your trip without being invited to collaborate.

Web Link Use this field to add a link to a website you might want to easily reference later, like a blog post or YouTube link.

How to Edit Waypoint Details

Click into the tab for the device you're using to see how to open the waypoint details window and what the fields look like there.

Website iOS App Android App
Adding Notes
  1. Load your trip on the map. 
  2. Click anywhere on the waypoint cell to open the waypoint details window.
  3. Add to or edit any of the fields, then click Save.

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