I can't sign into my account, what should I do?

If you receive an error that your email or password are incorrect, you can request a reset password email for your account. Please be sure to check your spam or junk folder if you don't see the reset password email land in your inbox shortly after requesting it.


If you use Roadpass to sign in and you receive an error message on the Roadpass sign in screen, you can click the link in the red error at the top of the page or the "Forgot your password?" link below the password field.




If you have not yet connected to Roadpass (formerly Togo ID) and you don't use Facebook or Apple ID to sign in, then you can click the "Forgot password?" link at the bottom of the log in window.



  Only request 1 reset password email!

If you've requested more than 1 reset password email and don't follow the link in the newest email, you will receive an error when you try to set a new password. If this happens, it's best to delete all previous reset password emails from us in your inbox and then request just 1 new one.



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