Routing options "Heads up!" while editing

As of September 16, 2021, routing options is a feature exclusively available to Plus members. You might be reading this because you received a warning while trying to make an edit and you clicked "Learn More" before proceeding - very wise!

If you do not have an active Roadtrippers Plus subscription and try to make an edit to a trip that previously had route options or avoidances turned on (like our previous Avoid Highways setting), all of the route options and avoidance settings will be cleared if you proceed with making the edit.

In the "Heads up!" notice you received while trying to make an edit, you can select "OK, Clear All" to proceed with the edit and remove your previous routing options. If you do not want to lose your previous routing options, select "Cancel" to cancel the edit you were trying to make.

Note that if you do select "OK, Clear All" to make the edit and remove your previous routing options, this cannot be undone.

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