Routing options "Heads up!" while editing

You might be reading this because you received a warning while trying to make an edit to your trip and you clicked "Learn More" before proceeding - very wise! There are a couple of reasons you may be getting this alert.

RV Safety

The RV Safety features within routing options are exclusively available to Plus members. 

If you do not have an active subscription and try to edit a trip that had RV Safety settings applied, the RV Safety settings will be cleared if you proceed with making the edit. Note that any preferential avoidances such as avoiding highways or dirt roads will be maintained, as these settings are available for both free and paid members.

In the "Heads up!" notice you received, you can select "Clear All" to proceed with the edit and remove your previous RV Safety options. If you do not want to lose your previous routing options, select "Cancel" to cancel the edit you were trying to make.

Note that if you do select "Clear All" to make the edit and remove your previous routing options, this cannot be undone.

Unavailable Routing Options 

Some routing options we used to support are no longer available. These include the avoidance options for car shuttle trains and tunnels, as well as the RV Safety options for weight, width, and length. 

If you open a trip that had any of these discontinued routing options set, you'll see an alert that states your selected options and route will update the next time you edit the trip.

Note that we do plan to bring these additional RV Safety options back down the road!

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