How to Set Up Routing Options and RV Friendly Navigation

This article reviews Routing Options, applying Routing Options to preview a trip or navigate between points, and Route Warnings

  • Avoidances, including the option to avoid highways, boat ferries, toll roads, and dirt roads are available to all Roadtrippers users.
  • RV Safety features, including vehicle height and propane, are Plus features

Routing Options are managed on each individual trip you create. Routing Options are not automatically applied to all of your trips.

Routing Options


The avoidances you select are applied to your entire trip. You can choose to avoid any or all of the following:

  • Highways
  • Boat Ferries
  • Toll Roads
  • Dirt Roads

On the desktop site, check the boxes next to the avoidances you want to apply. In the mobile app, toggle on the avoidances you want to apply.

RV Safety

If you're a Roadtrippers Plus RVer, add your RV height in the RV Safety section and we'll try to find a safe route for your trip. Our RV safe routing considers low overhead clearances and propane restrictions to give you a route customized to your RV!

Keep in mind that you need to manually provide your vehicle's dimensions under the Routing Options on each trip. RV safety preferences do not automatically populate by the vehicle saved to your Roadtrippers profile, which we use to estimate fuel costs for your trip.

US Routes Only

RV safety is only available for U.S. routes. RV safety selections will not apply to route portions that extend outside U.S. boundaries. We're hoping to expand to other countries soon!

Propane On Board

The Propane On Board setting will attempt to route trips around specific areas in the United States where there are strict restrictions and limitations on propane on vehicles. These restrictions tend to apply to travelers regardless of propane volume onboard or if the propane valve is shut off and closed. Occasionally, these areas cannot be avoided to provide a trip route, in which case a warning will appear letting you know we could not avoid propane-restricted areas for your route.

In all cases, we recommend reviewing road information before starting your trip, as we do not independently verify the accuracy of such routing information. Use your independent judgment, and follow local laws and traffic codes while traveling.

Preview Your Route with Routing Options

You can preview your route with Routing Options applied while using the Roadtrippers website or iOS or Android app.

Website iOS App Android App

To preview your route with avoidances and RV safety preferences applied while using the Roadtrippers website:

  1. Open your trip on the map.
  2. Click the Routing Options button under the trip banner.
  3. Select avoidances and input any RV safety information.
  4. Click apply.



Navigate with Routing Options

You can navigate from one waypoint to the next with avoidances and RV safety options applied while using the Roadtrippers app for iOS or Android. Roadtrippers does not yet offer full trip, continuous navigation, but do let us know if this is something you're interested in by voting on the feature request here!

If you're using the Roadtrippers website, you can print turn-by-turn directions for your trip with applied Routing Options before you hit the road. You can learn more about printing directions: Can I print my trip before I hit the road?

Read the directions for launching the RV GPS below or watch this short how-to video.

iOS App Android App

To apply Routing Options while navigating on the iOS app:

  1. Open your trip itinerary.
  2. Tap the waypoint you are navigating to.
  3. Tap Navigate.
  4. Set Navigation to Roadtrippers.
  5. Input avoidances and RV safety information. Tap Apply in the upper right to activate your preferences.
  6. Tap Select Route.
  7. Tap Steps to view step-by-step directions or tap Go or Navigate to begin active navigation with voice commands. 

Route Warnings

After applying your avoidance settings and/or RV safety details, we'll work on updating your route to match your applied Routing Options.

If we are not able to find a route for any part of your trip that uses your avoidance settings or RV safety details, then you'll see a warning message and any legs containing a route that violates your Routing Options will be marked. You can learn more about these warning messages here: Routing Options Warnings 

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