Adding Dates to Your Trip

Whether you're just starting to plan or already have all your stops lined up, you can use our Add Dates feature to tell us the start and end dates for your trip and we'll organize the trip by date for you.

To add dates to your trip, just click or tap the Add Dates button at the top of the trip planner and enter your start and end dates.

After setting a date range for your trip, we'll schedule your existing stops with a suggested date. Don't worry - you can easily adjust the date afterward! When you want to add more stops you can either let Roadtrippers insert it where we think makes sense or you can add the stop directly to a date of your choosing.

Clear Dates

If dates are already applied to your trip, then you'll see a Clear Dates button instead that will clear all dates from your trip. When you'll click that button, a warning message will ask if you're sure you want to continue because this cannot be undone.

If you want to proceed with clearing dates, click Clear. If not, click Cancel to go back to your trip.

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Let Us Suggest a Date

Click the + Add Waypoint button at the top of the list of stops to open the "Add a place" search field, type the place you want to add, and select it from the list. We'll automatically add it to your trip with a suggested date.

Add Directly to a Date

With dates saved to your trip, you'll also see an Add Waypoint + button at the bottom of each day or date range segment. Click the Add button shown there to open the search field, type a place you want to add, and select it from the list. It will be added directly to your chosen date within the trip.

If you click Add under an empty segment of multiple days, the waypoint will be added to one of the dates within that range using our date-assigning logic and you can move it to another date afterward.

Edit Waypoint Dates

To move it a waypoint to a different date, you can drag and drop the waypoint within the itinerary or click the waypoint to view the waypoint details and change the date there.


Daily Totals

If dates are applied to your trip, you'll see a daily totals line at the bottom of each date so that you can easily say how many stops are scheduled, as well as the estimated miles and time for that day.

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