Can I edit the MPG for my vehicle?

You can update the miles per gallon and set your preferred fuel type in the Trip Settings. On the desktop site, you can also specify your vehicle type and model.

If you don't have a vehicle saved to your profile, the fuel efficiency settings will default to 22 MPG. We use the fuel efficiency setting to estimate the cost of gas for your trip by using the US monthly average.

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  1. Load your trip on the map.
  2. Slide along the trip planner banner to Trip Settings
  3. Select Trip Settings.
  4. Go to the Vehicle & Fuel section.
  5. If you do not yet have a vehicle added to your profile you will need create a vehicle, then you can proceed to the next step. If you have a vehicle saved to your profile you can choose that vehicle, add a new vehicle by using the "Select a Vehicle" dropdown if you wish, although this is not necessary.
  6. After adding or selecting a vehicle, customize the MPG and fuel type for your trip below that and click Done.
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