Can I change the starting point for my trip?

Yes, you can!

The trip planner will set the starting point as your current location, as best as we can detect from your device, by default. If your starting location is incorrect or you want to begin a trip from another starting point, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the "+ Add Waypoint" button and search for your actual starting location.
  2. Select your starting location from the list to add it to your trip.
  3. Click the original starting location in your trip, click the "Remove Waypoint" link and confirm the removal.
  4. If your new, correct starting point didn't automatically get added to the first position in your trip then you can select and drag/drop it to the first position.


You can find some additional info about how to delete and re-order waypoints here: Remove & Rearrange Waypoints

If notice that Roadtrippers is not choosing your current location as your starting point, see our troubleshooting guide here.

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