What countries does Roadtrippers support?

At this time, we officially support USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia-based places and content. If you're planning a road trip and looking to discover new places in other countries, our app may not be the best fit for you. We hope to be able to expand to more regions down the road!

If you're interested in seeing us support more countries, you can add your vote and comment what country you're most interested in over here: https://roadpass.canny.io/roadtrippers/p/add-support-for-additional-countries 

RV safe routing is only available for U.S. routes. RV safety selections will not apply to route portions that extend outside U.S. boundaries, although you will still be able to see your route in any supported countries. We're hoping to expand RV safety to other countries soon! Learn more about RV routing in our guide to RV Safe Routing!

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