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Via waypoints are created when a route is dragged on the map. Its symbol in the trip planner looks like Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 8.07.43 PM.png. When they're on the map, they look like this:


Via waypoints can be used to drag a trip to or from a specific road, to represent a stop in a general area, to add a stop where there is no address, and in general to quickly customize a trip's route. A common use is to drag your trip off a turnpike or toll road to avoid it.

Rearrange and remove via waypoints the same way other waypoints are rearranged and removed. Via waypoints can also be picked up and moved on the map. Simply click its pin on the map and drag it to where you want to drop it. Your trip will automatically re-route and adjust to the pin's new location.




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    Phil Daniels


    I use the Via waypoints to mark rest stop locations. I have a two year old that can't sit still for more than a few hours in the car so I try to mark out the rest stops. Is there another way to see rest stop through the itinerary?

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    Hey Phil!

    Gas stations, rest stops, tolls and other service-oriented places are coming soon! We are working on adding lots of places such as gas stations, rest areas, tolls etc. to the map so stay tuned :)


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    Sean Carver

    You guys should really add the option to hide the Via waypoints from the itinerary, they're ugly and ruin the visual look of my trip. I don't need to know the Lat and Long of where I put a marker to alter my route to be more scenic.

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