What is a "Via Waypoint"?

Via Waypoints are created when a route is dragged on the map. When they're on the map, they look like this:


Using Via Waypoints

Below are a few ways that via waypoints can be used:

  • To drag a trip to or from a specific road.
  • To represent a stop in a general area.
  • To add a stop where there is no address.
  • In general, to quickly customize a trip's route. A common use is to drag your trip off of a turnpike or toll road to avoid it.


You can rearrange and remove Via Waypoints the same way other waypoints are rearranged and removed. Via Waypoints can also be picked up and moved on the map. Simply click its pin on the map and drag it to where you want to drop it. Your trip will automatically re-route and adjust to the pin's new location.

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