Where can I find directions for my trip?


Load your trip on the map and click the View Guide button. On the guide, hover your mouse over the 3 vertical dots on the right side and click Directions. A map will appear along with step-by-step directions. Once open, you can even print them by using your browser's print button. You can learn more about printing by clicking here.

Mobile App

With the Roadtrippers app, you can use our in-app navigation or another navigation app installed on your mobile device - such as Google Maps or Waze. Note that Roadtrippers does not provide continuous navigation for the full trip, but does provide easy access to navigation to every place or trip waypoint. We hope to introduce a solution for full trip continuous navigation in the future!

  Routing Options

Our Routing Options feature is currently in beta and does not yet include navigation that uses your avoidance settings or RV details. 

If you applied routing options to your trip and then later launch navigation in the Roadtrippers mobile app, you will see a warning message that your avoidances and vehicle dimensions will not be used in GPS navigation. You can confirm that you understand and want to continue anyway, or opt to cancel and use a different navigation system.

Note that you can print turn-by-turn directions for your trip based on the route using your applied Routing Options before you hit the road. You can learn more about printing directions in advance here: Can I print my trip before I hit the road?


Starting Navigation

  1. With a trip loaded on the map,  open the Trip Planner by tapping the green trip name layer above the Map and Trip Guide tabs.
  2. You should now see the list of waypoints on your trip. Simply tap the waypoint you wish to navigate to and select Navigate from the list of options that display.
  3. If a default navigation app has already been selected in your profile settings (Roadtrippers, Google Maps, Waze) then it will automatically open and load navigation to that stop. If a default has not been chosen, a list of available apps will appear to choose from.

  Route Variance

Keep in mind that because navigation may be provided from a separate app, your route will completely depend on how that app provides directions. If you did not apply routing options to your trip and you use our in-app navigation in the Roadtrippers app rather than another navigation app, the navigation should stay very close to your trip's route.

Note that you can also start navigation from a place page in the app by simply opening a place page and tapping the Navigate button.



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