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Finding Overnight RV Parking in Roadtrippers

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You can view Overnight RV Parking locations on the map with or without a trip loaded on the map. If you have a trip loaded on the map, then you'll have the option to use our radius/distance slider to adjust how far off your route you'd be willing to drive to these locations.

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  1. While on the map, look for and click the purple P icon in the category bar.
  2. After selecting that category, you'll see places appear as pins on the map and can zoom in or move the map around to look at specific areas. You can also look at them in the list of places on the left.
  3. Click a location you're interested in to view additional details including the address, contact info, notes from when a user last reported staying there, and directions.


What is Overnight RV Parking?

When you're on a long trip in your RV, a trip that will take two days or more, you probably need to stop someplace to sleep overnight. You want to be rested so you can continue your trip safely in the morning. If all you need to do is stop and sleep, you might not need all the amenities that RV Parks and Campgrounds offer. If that's the case, you don't need to pay for those amenities either. Across the USA and Canada there are thousands of places that allow or even encourage RVers to park overnight, for one night only, for the purpose of sleeping overnight.

You can find more tips about parking at various locations here.

How is parking different from camping?

Camping in an RV generally includes using RV awnings, lawn furniture, BBQ grilles, and often electric, water and/or sewer hookups. Most Overnight RV Parking locations don't have RV hookups, and it's considered inappropriate to use awnings, BBQs, lawn furniture, etc. Use of levelers and slides is also discouraged in most Overnight RV Parking locations, but may be possible to use in others. In general, if your RV looks like you're camping, you're camping. If your RV looks like you've just parked it for a short time, you're parking.

How can I submit a correction to an Overnight RV Parking location?

If any information for a location is incorrect, such as the address is wrong or the overnight parking policy has changed, you can submit a correction through the "Suggest an edit" link at the bottom of the description of the location on our website.


If you're using our mobile app, tap the 3 vertical dots at the top right of the place page and select Report a Problem.


Can I leave reviews and add photos?

Absolutely! If you stayed at a location recently, you can leave a review and/or upload photos to help other Roadtrippers users know what to expect.

Reviews you've left are also saved to your profile page, so it's easy to reference places you've previously stayed at and see how you felt about them when you're trying to decide where to stop on your next trip.

Look for the Add Review button below the description on our website to leave a review and the camera icon above the description to add photos.

If you're using our mobile app, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap the Write a Review button or tap the camera icon at the top of the page to add photos.

What countries do you have Overnight RV Parking data for?

We have listings in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia, as well as hundreds of listings in Canada. We do not cover any other areas at this time.

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