Adding Places to Trips

Places can be added to your trip in a few ways. Before we dive into the options below, first you'll want to pull your trip up on the map.

  • On the desktop, select your profile icon in the upper right of Roadtrippers to go to your profile page and click the trip you want to work on. This will load the trip on our map and show the "trip planner".
  • In our mobile app, go to the Profile section from the bottom menu, tap the trip you want to work on, and click the green Load Trip On Map button at the bottom of the screen.

From Search Results

If you already know there's a specific place you want to add to your trip, you can search for it and add it to your trip from the search results. Searching works for cities/towns, street addresses, and points of interest.

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In the trip planner, click the + Add Waypoint button at the top of the list of stops to open the "Add a place" search field. As you type in the name or address of the place you'd like to visit, a drop-down list will appear suggesting places based on what you're typing.

If you have dates saved to your trip, you'll also see an Add Waypoint + button at the bottom of each day or date range segment. Clicking the Add button shown there will open the search field and when you select a place to add, it will be placed within that date.

If you have dates saved to your trip and you clicked Add at the top of the planner or under an empty date range segment of multiple days, we'll use our logic to automatically assign the waypoint to a date on your trip.

Don't worry - you can easily move it to a different date if you don't like where we put it! To move it to a different date, you can drag and drop the waypoint within the itinerary or click the waypoint to view the waypoint details and change the date there.

From Categories on the Map

If you need a reminder of how to select categories, check out this article: Discover Places

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After selecting a category on the map with your trip opened, places will appear on the map as pins or small circles. Click on a place on the map and you'll see a small infobox with an Add to Trip button.


  Distance From Route

Opening categories on a route will automatically set a default radius of 30 miles on the desktop site and 5 miles in the mobile app. This is represented by the shaded area along your route line. This radius limits where places load when exploring categories while planning a trip. You can use map controls to indicate how far off your route you are willing to travel to visit places.

From Place Pages

If you need a refresher of the info available on Place Pages, check out this article: Place Pages 

Don't forget, you can zoom in/out and move the map around to see more places on different areas of your trip!

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You can click a place, either from the list on the left or from the infobox that displays after an initial click on the map, to go to the Place Page. From there, you can learn more about the place and click the Add to Trip button to add it to your trip.


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