Trip collaboration is a Pro and Premium perk that allows you to work on a trip with your fellow travel companions, even if they don't have a Roadtrippers membership! Collaborators are required to create a free Roadtrippers account to participate. 

  • Collaborators can review the trip, edit, and add waypoints.
  • 24 hours after a trip has been saved or edited an email will be sent to everyone in the trip to let them know a change was made (you will not get an email if you made the change).

Read on below to learn how to invite friends to collaborate on trips!

  Trip Notes

Heads up! There are 2 types of waypoint notes. Private Notes will only be visible to you. Collaborator Notes will be visible and editable by all collaborators.

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  1. With your trip opened on the map, scroll along the trip planner banner and select Collaborators.
  2. Enter a friend's email address to invite them to your trip.

  3. Your trip will be shared with your friend(s) and they'll receive an email invite to start editing with you. If they already have an account, the trip will automatically be synced to their account.
  4. You can view the current collaborators on your trip and invite more by clicking the Collaborators button at any time.
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