Creating a Route


Ready to plan your epic road trip? Roadtrippers allows a couple simple ways to create a trip! Get started by tapping Start New Trip within the Nearby/Concierge page! 

From here, type in a start and destination, or start a route from your current location and tap Start Trip! 

This will open your trip on the map.

From here, either open and add places via the Trip Planner or explore categories. Waypoints can be added by tapping the + button at the top of the waypoint fields. 

Delete your trip or open your Trip Settings to rename your trip, add a description, adjust your MPG, and choose your gas type.


Once a trip has been named via the User Settings, you can tap over to the map and the Search & Explore bar and begin turning on categories or reopen the Trip Planner and continue adding places.

NOTE: If you are NOT logged in, you cannot add more than four waypoints to a trip.

Next, trips can also be started with a place. When there isn't a trip active on the map, tap the Add to Trip button on a place page to create a trip with it. The place will become the first stop, and you can continue adding places either in the Trip Planner or from the map of places.


Lastly, trips can be created within a search. With the search menu open, try searching for a city or place of interest. Once found, simply tap the '+' button creating a new trip.


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