Roadtrippers isn't picking my correct location

Our trip planner attempts to set your starting point to your current location, as best as we can detect from your device, by default. Our location accuracy is as precise as you'll permit us to make it. If your starting location in Roadtrippers is not accurate, consider the tips below.

  • Check your device's location settings. These are typically found in the device's privacy or security settings. Your device will need to be set to allow location sharing. If possible, enable 'precise location' for the most accurate results. 
  • Check your browser settings. Some browsers have privacy settings that can block location sharing. Make sure your browser’s privacy settings allow for location sharing.
  • Check your browser for updates. Outdated browsers can cause issues with location sharing.
  • Try using a different browser. This helps rule out browser issues. 
  • Make sure you have strong internet connectivity. A weak or unstable internet connection can cause problems with location sharing. To check this run a speed test on your device.
  • Disable ad-blockers. Some ad-blockers also block location sharing.
  • Consider whether you are using a VPN. Depending on your VPN settings, you may need to turn off your VPN in order for Roadtrippers to pick up an accurate starting location for your trip.
  • If you are connected to Wi-Fi, consider your Internet service provider's (ISP) location. This is especially true if you're noticing your location is a few miles off or is in a nearby town. Some ISPs will set an approximate or static location rather than use your precise location. Try switching to a cellular connection instead, or contact your ISP to see if this can be remedied. 
  • Because of how ISPs provide location data, you will generally see a more accurate location detected when using our mobile app on your phone.

  Update Starting Point

Keep in mind that the current location we try to detect automatically is not set in stone! You can follow the steps here to update your starting location: Can I change the starting point for my trip?

If you have tried all of the above recommendations and are still having issues, please contact us. Let us know your expected location, the location you are seeing on Roadtrippers, and what troubleshooting you have tried. 


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