Signing up for a free Roadtrippers account is simple and will allow you to look for and save interesting places nearby, view our featured trip guides, and plan a trip with 7 waypoints.

To learn about the additional features that come with signing up for a Roadtrippers Plus subscription (like trips with up to 150 waypoints!), go here: Plus 101

  • On the desktop site, go to and click Get Started in the upper right.
  • In the mobile app, go to the Profile section, tap the Sign Up or Sign In button, and tap Create An Account.

There are a few different options for creating an account on the sign up page:


Togo ID
A Togo ID is a single login that you can use across our partner RV and outdoor industry apps, like Roadtrippers and Togo RV. Think of it like an Apple ID or a Google account login.

  • This is the preferred method for creating a Roadtrippers account.

This option lets you create an account by logging in with and connecting your Facebook account.

This option lets you create an account by logging in with your Apple ID on Apple devices. You can learn more about the sign in with Apple feature in Apple's support documentation.

  • Note that Apple offers an option to use "Hide My Email". This is Apple's private email relay service and it will create a unique, random email address that forwards to your personal email.
  • For example, if is your Apple ID, your unique, random email address for a given app might look like
  • Since we will not see your personal email address if you use this option, please be sure to provide us with your Roadtrippers username if you reach out for assistance so that we can best help you.

Manual Entry
Lastly, you can manually provide a username, email address, and password to sign up for an account.

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