Adding and Editing Vehicles

You can save vehicles to your Roadtrippers profile and assign them to trips to get a more accurate fuel cost estimate for your trip. If you're a Roadtrippers Premium member and you save an RV to your profile, the RV settings (height, weight, and propane) will be applied to the trips you assign that vehicle to, too.

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You can access the vehicle settings on our website by clicking here or following the steps below.

  1. Go to and log into your account if you aren't already signed in.
  2. Click your profile icon in the upper right of the page.
  3. Click the Edit Profile button.
  4. Select "Vehicles" in the Settings menu on the left.

To add a new vehicle, select the type of vehicle you want to add and fill out the details requested on the form.

  • Note that if you're trying to add an RV and your make/model isn't listed in the dropdowns, you can click "Add a custom one" to manually input your RV details.
  • Check the Primary Vehicle box if this is the main vehicle you want to have automatically assigned to all new trips you create. Previously created trips will not be updated retroactively, you'll need to manually assign this vehicle to previous trips via the Trip Settings.
  • Update the fuel type and MPG for your vehicle.
  • If you're adding an RV, verify the RV-friendly details. If you're a Roadtrippers Premium member, these details will be automatically applied to any trips this vehicle is assigned to.


To edit an existing vehicle, select it from your list of saved vehicles. You can edit the Primary Vehicle setting and customize your fuel type and MPG. Click Update Vehicle to save your changes.

  • Changes you make here are not retroactive, they will only apply to new trips. If you need to update the fuel settings for an existing trip, you'll need to do this via the Trip Settings. Learn more here.

RV Recall Alerts

If you saved an RV from our list of options, Roadtrippers will look for RV safety recalls published by the National Highway Transportation Agency (NHTSA) and display an alert in the mobile app. We'll be adding recall alerts to the website soon!

You can review any safety recalls we found by going to your RV in the Vehicles section on your profile. Any unread safety recalls will show up with an alert icon. After selecting your RV, tap Recalls to view unread alerts. The notification icon on the Vehicles tab will be removed after viewing all unread alerts.


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