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The Roadtrippers mobile app lets you take the Roadtrippers experience with you on the road. Let us ride shotgun and be your road trip companion as you head out onto the open road. Before you set off, let's get you familiar with what the Roadtrippers app can do.

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Note that the sections reviewed below are all accessible from the bottom navigation bar in the app.



After logging in, the first thing you see is our Nearby section that allows to you quickly create a trip or look for places near you. It even knows the current time of day, weather, and your current location and will suggest categories for you to discover!

For example, if it's the morning it might suggest places to get breakfast or some coffee, even places to take a walk! If you tap one of the suggested categories, you'll be asked to choose if you want to look for these places around you or along a route.

  • Selecting "around me" will find you places nearby.
  • Selecting "along a route" will open up a new trip with your current location as the starting point.

Below that, you can tap Navigate, New Trip or keep scrolling down to see some of our Trips Guides for road trips near you.


To view places near where you currently are tap in the Search & Explore bar on the top of the screen. Tap a category, and apply filters to see what's around! You'll be taken to the map tab where you'll see a ton of suggestions that fit the category you selected!


If you are a Pro or Premium member, Navigate will allow you to enter a starting point and a destination and start live navigation between the two without building a trip first. If you are a Premium member you can also apply RV safety features to your navigation session.

Tap New Trip to start building a multi-stop road trip using suggestions from our map, or if you're a Premium member you can use our Autopilot planning tool to quickly build a base trip using our suggestions based on your details!


You can zoom in/out and move the map around on this section to find places near you, in another area, or along a trip's route. You'll notice it has a Search & Explore bar at the top to select categories just like the Nearby section. Some other features in this section are listed below:

  • Tap the arrow icon for the map to update with your current location.
  • Tap the stacked layers icon to change the map style or apply map layers to the map.
  • Tap the blue arrows icon to start a navigation session.
  • Tap the car icon in the green circle to start a new trip from this page.



This is the perfect place to come for road trip inspiration! Scroll through our trip guides and find some of our best and most adventurous road trips, as well as trip near you.



Go to the Profile section to see your created trips, saved places, maps (a member feature), and reviews you've left.

You can also click the gear icon in the upper right to go to your profile settings - where you can do things like update your account information, set your preferred navigation app, and manage your subscription if you're a member.


 Ready to learn more?

Now that you know the basics, let's talk about how to plan a trip!


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