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Ready to plan your epic road trip!? Roadtrippers allows a couple of quick and easy options for creating a trip.

One of the quickest is simply tapping the Plan Trip button located on the top menu. 

Next, opening the menu on the top left also allows the ability to create a new trip.

Lastly, users can also create a trip in the Profile menu on the top right. Once open, click + Create New Trips to begin a new trip.


Once you've opened a new trip, a blank destination field stating 'Where are you going', will be listed. Once you've selected your destination, a route will appear with your current location as your starting point. 

Once your trip is routed on the map, your Trip Stats will appear above the Trip Planner. Trip Stats will update as changes are made to your trip, and will also appear in your itinerary.


Use the '+' button that appears to manually add waypoints in the Trip Planner. Cities, addresses, and even attractions can be typed in here! 

Users can also go to the Discovery Bar and begin exploring our categories of over 12,000,000 places. Click Add to Trip on a place's infobox or place page and they will appear on your route and in the Trip Planner. The next added place will become your Destination. Learn more about adding places to a trip here!

Remove a waypoint by hovering your mouse over the waypoint you want to be deleted and clicking the 3 dotted menu to reveal the delete button...

Rearrange waypoints by clicking and dragging its corresponding waypoint symbol.

Assign a date to a place using the Add Date button inside the 3 dotted menu, to the left of the waypoint field.


Once you've added waypoints to your trip and saved, it is time to name your trip. Add a name and even a description of the trip. Name your trip by clicking the Trip Settings.


Once open, you can name your trip, add a trip description, add collaborators, specify your exact car type, adjust fuel settings and the option to convert the distance to Miles or Kilometers. The Vehicle & Fuel settings also allow you to enter the exact MPG of the vehicle as well as choosing the gas type. Once entered, click Done!



The route shade is an area around your trip that can be expanded or contracted with the distance slider below the Trip Planner. The distance slider indicates how far off your route you are willing to go to visit places. This limits where places load when exploring our categories while planning a trip.


The size of the shade will adjust as you move the distance slider. For example, if the distance slider is set to 30, all places within the shade are 30 miles from your route or less. Change the distance slider by dragging the marker or clicking on the distance you'd like to select.


Via waypoints are pins that are dropped after dragging a route. They are typically used to slightly modify a route between stops or to add a general area to a trip (such as a metropolitan area or region) without entering an address.

Begin dragging a route and dropping a via waypoint by hovering your cursor over the route until a dot appears along the line. Click and hold the dot, and begin moving it across the map. Notice that as you move it, the route automatically updates to show you where the trip will be going. This is handy if you are trying to avoid a specific road and vice versa.

Via waypoints will appear in the Trip Planner with the via symbol (Screen_Shot_2013-06-13_at_8.07.43_PM.png) and the latitudinal and longitudinal location of it on the map. They are similar to regular waypoints as they can be rearranged, removed, and changed. They can also be removed from a trip by clicking the 'x' next to them in the Trip Planner.

Learn more about customizing your route here!


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    Diane Hathaway

    Why can't I see my itinerary (trip), except when I first open my trip? If I click on accommodations, food and drink, etc. I cannot get my trip itinerary to reappear. I have tried to click on the the arrow next to trip but it doesn't open it back up. I have "x" out of an interest or activity but it does not close it. I have to log out and then log back in to see my itinerary and to see how any of the changes that I had done works with our time frame.

    When I was first building our trip I was able to easily go back and forth between looking at the itinerary and the different things that we wanted to add on our trip, but once I had logged out of it the first time I can't seem to get it to work the way it had originally.

    It has been very frustrating, especially because I have found that it is near impossible to find answers to my questions easily on the website.

    Please help me, I am leaving on 7/216, and I would really like to get this resolved so that I can plan the rest of our trip and hit the road.

    Thank you

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    did you ever get an answer-i have been trying to print my trip for days and cannot get any help they keep on referring 3 dots which is suppose to open up directions- that is never on my screen and i have opened up in different ways even reset my password-

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    Mariko Walton

    Date change: would be nice to be able to change the date quicker, for example, changing the year instead of clicking through each month. Let's say you plan for a trip but it has to be cancelled until the next year. Keeping the exact same dates but just changing the year would be a useful feature. Or being able to enter trip delays in days/months/years where the date is auto-calculated and applied.

  • Avatar
    Tracy Stout-Powers

    It would be nice if someone replied!!

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